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Chinese hog growth, rain in South America cause soybean price surge

Arkansas’ largest crop has been getting a little more valuable as 2023 begins. Soybean prices have trended upward this year due to rising export projections according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Rains in Brazil and expanding hog production in China could fuel further price spikes for the crop that is used for livestock feed in many countries.

High Plains Journal

Rice farmer fact sheet

(High Plains Journal)

An animal scientist at the Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station has shown that a common and inexpensive hormone additive may mitigate the ill effects on growth performance of calves born to cows grazed on endophyte-infected fescue pastures during gestation.

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Why are eggs so damn expensive?

via The Street

When it comes to egg prices, the yolk is on the U.S. consumer.

Egg prices doubled in price to $4.25 a dozen in December 2022 compared to $1.72 for a dozen eggs in late 2020.



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