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Number of beginning farmers on the rise, as total farm numbers fall


The number of beginning farmers is on the rise.

A new study found more minorities and women became primary operators in the past decades as the total number of farms and ranches across the nation decreased by about 3 percent.

Dr. Bruce Ahrendsen with the University of Arkansas spoke with RFD-TV’s own Suzanne Alexander on recent findings and what they expect to see moving forward.

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Feral hogs invading metropolitan areas of Arkansas

Feral hogs have become a big problem for farmers and ranchers. Though the problem mostly impacts rural Arkansas, experts believe metro areas could be next.

Vic Ford, who heads up agriculture and natural resources for the Cooperative Extension Service, visits with Skot Covert.

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Why are eggs so damn expensive?

via The Street

When it comes to egg prices, the yolk is on the U.S. consumer.

Egg prices doubled in price to $4.25 a dozen in December 2022 compared to $1.72 for a dozen eggs in late 2020.



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