Whether you are buying, leasing or negotiating, we are here for you. We offer our expertise to help you obtain the goods and services you desire. Below you will find procurement guidelines and frequently asked questions to assist in navigating the procurement process. If you need additional information or clarification regarding this content, e-mail or give us a call. Remember, we are always here to help.

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Procurement Guidelines

Effective July 1, 2018, UACES will comply with Procurement Standards as defined in 2 CFR 200, "Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for federal Awards", Subpart D, Sections 200.318 - 200.326, for all federal grant funded procurements.

State of Arkansas Higher Education Institutions - Uniform Guidance Micropurchase Threshold Exemption

1.  Purchase Requisition

2.  P-Card

UACES has established the Purchasing Card (P-Card) Program to provide a more efficient and cost-effective method of purchasing and paying for low dollar transactions. The P-Card program, implemented through US Bank Visa, is intended to enhance Extension’s effectiveness and economy of operations.

For details, please refer to policy C.E.S.P 10-8 Purchasing Card (P-Card).

3.  Blanket Purchase Orders

Blanket purchase orders are issued for small dollar purchases of an immediate, non-recurring nature. State contract, constitutional, biddable, and capital equipment items are not allowed against blanket orders.

a.  To request the issuance of a blanket purchase, please complete the Blanket Order Request Form (PURCH-303).

b.  For invoices against a blanket purchase order, a Blanket Order Authorization Form (PURCH-307) must accompany the invoice submitted to Office of Finance for payment.

4.  Order Supplies from UACES Warehouse

To order some commonly used state contract items and other supplies from the UACES Warehouse, please click here.

5.  UACES Publications Order System

To order UACES and Other Division of Agriculture Publications, please visit Extension Publications.

6.  Request to Order Inventory Items (for Warehouse staff use only)

To purchase items to be added to the Warehouse inventory, please complete the PURCH-304

The State of Arkansas has established the following types of purchases and thresholds. All threshold prices include the cost of freight, but exclude the cost of sales tax. These thresholds do not apply to state and institution contract items or printing.
Small Orders ($0 - $20,000)
  • Competition should be used to the maximum extent practicable.
  • Repeated small order purchases of similar items to circumvent the $20,000 bid limit are prohibited.
  • Purchases $1,000 or more require the *Restriction of Boycott of Israel Certification form (See below for details)

Competitive Quote Bids ($20,000.01- $75,000)

  • Requires a minimum of three (3) written bids (email or fax), one of which should be a minority supplier if available for that commodity.
  • Departments are given the delegation to solicit these bids, but our Procurement staff is always willing to assist.
  • If you receive a "no bid" or "no response." then that counts as an acceptable attempt to gather a quote.
  • Supporting documentation of quotes must be submitted to Procurement upon completion of Banner requisition.
  • Purchases over $20,000 requires awarded supplier to complete the Contract and Grant Disclosure Certification form (to be obtained by our Procurement staff).

Formal Bids ($75,000.01+)

  • Require formal competitive sealed bid process completed by our Procurement staff upon completion of a Banner requisition.
  • Processing time varies as bid must be developed, advertised, responses evaluated, and bid awarded.  It's never to early to work with our Procurement staff on minimum specifications and delivery requirements.
  • Includes leases which exceed $75,000 with the duration of the contract.
  • Includes leases with option to purchase when value of commodity is more than $75,000.

*Restriction of Boycott of Israel

Pursuant to Arkansas Code Annotated §25-1-503, a public entity shall not enter into a contract valued at $1,000 or greater with a company unless the contract includes a written certification that the person or company is not currently engaged in, and agrees for the duration of the contract not to engage in, a boycott of Israel. (

Please be advised of the following guidelines for obtaining certification from suppliers:

Who acquires the certification at UACES?

Type of Procurement
Contract, Agreement, MOU, MOA
Please remember the only individuals authorized to sign a contract, agreement, MOU, or MOA on behalf of CES are the AVP and COO.  

Who acquires the certification?
Upon review and acceptance of the contract, agreement, MOU, or MOA, the certification will be obtained by the CES Office of the Chief Operating Officer when the fully executed agreement is requested of the supplier.

Type of Procurement
Purchase Order: Stand alone; not in reference to any contract, agreement, MOU, or MOA

Who acquires the certification?
1. If new supplier, the requesting department is to obtain the certification at the time the supplier's W-9 is requested. 2. If existing supplier, please contact the CES Procurement Office prior to the requisition to verify supplier certification.

Type of Procurement
Purchase Order: Released against a state contract

Who acquires the certification?
Not required - the certification is acquired when the contract is created.

No Certification Required:

1.  The requirement that a company certify that it does not boycott Israel does not apply to:

a.  Contracts with a total potential value of less than one thousand dollars ($1,000); or

b.  A company that offers to provide the goods or services for at least twenty percent (20%) less than the lowest certifying business.

2.  The requirement applies to written contracts only and is to be applied prospectively. Any written contract entered into   prior to August 1, 2017 does not require certification.

3.  Supplier are not required to submit a certificate for purchases made with a p-card as they do not require a written contract.

4.  Certification is required at the time a written contract is entered into; renewals or extensions of contracts do not require certification. 

Repeat Certifications Not Required:

Once a supplier has submitted certification that they do not participate in a boycott of Israel, there is no need to repeat the request for subsequent contracts as long as the certificate is effective and on file. The contracting public entity should keep the certification on file for audit purposes.

If a supplier decides to participate in a boycott of Israel after having submitted the certification, it is the responsibility of the supplier to notify the public entity of the change in status.

P-Card Policy - CESP 10-8

The University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service (UACES) has established its Purchasing Card (P-Card) Program to provide a more efficient and cost-effective method of purchasing and paying for low dollar transactions. The program may eliminate or reduce the number of low dollar purchase orders, blanket orders, and requests for personal reimbursements. Cardholders may use the P-Card at any merchant/vendor that accepts the card, unless it violates a state contract. The P-Card program is intended to enhance Extension's effectiveness and economy of operations.

 If you are interested in having a p-card, please complete a PURCH-400, and send to Office of Finance for processing. For any questions, please contact Purchasing Manager at (501)671-2328.

State Contract Items and Resources

PCard Agreement I

PCard Agreement II

PCard Receipt Form

The State of Arkansas participates in various contracts for goods and services to help us get the best price available. These contracts may be awarded to multiple suppliers and some, but not all, are mandatory. If a contract is considered mandatory, then that good or service MUST be purchased using that contract. Some commonly used state contract items are stocked in the UACES Warehouse and can be ordered here.

The following are common mandatory state contract items:

  • Bathroom Tissue and Paper Towels
  • Business cards (printed in UACES Print Shop)
  • Copiers, leased
  • Tires
  • Envelopes, Printed and Plain
  • Vehicle Rentals
  • Xerographic and Print Shop Paper
  • Letterhead Envelopes

For a complete list of State contracts and if they are mandatory, please visit the DFA, Office of State Procurement (OSP), State Contracts website. 

The State has two cooperative purchasing agreements for office supplies:

1.  Office Depot

a.  Quick Reference Guide
b.  FAQ’s
c.  How to Shop
d.  How to Return

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2.  Government Supply Services (GSS)/Staples

Office supplies can be ordered directly from these suppliers without entering a requisition. To order office supplies through these suppliers, staff should contact JoAnn Fish or Mark Kiefer to establish a username, password, and account number.

When you receive your orders, please check to see that all items included on your packing slip have been received. Each month you will receive a summary of your orders for the previous month. You should review the summary to ensure that the order charges agree to the orders you received during that month. Unless you inform Accounts Payable of any discrepancies, the total charges on your summary will be paid to Goddess or GSS and charged to your budget (or grant funds where appropriate). Therefore, it is important to have this review done in a timely manner.

Office Supplies Exception: Some items such as copy paper and envelopes are not available on Office Depot because they remain on separate state contracts and may be stocked in the warehouse. To place an order from the UACES Warehouse, click here

For security and compliance reasons, ALL computer purchases and software installation will be processed through the UACES Information Technology Support Unit. The computer purchasing/replacement, software installation, and computer end of life processes can be found here.

Items listed in Amendment 54 to the Constitution of the State of Arkansas are subject to special bidding requirements. The State’s definition of printing is "the process of transferring images, by use of standard industrial type printer ink, upon paper documents such as letterhead, envelopes, pamphlets, booklets and forms." (wet ink on paper versus dry ink which is toner used by digital copiers.)

All commodities subject to Amendment 54 that are not available from the UACES Print Shop, State Contract or other State Agencies must be bid by our Procurement staff or the Office of State Purchasing (OSP). Departments are not permitted to take their own bids on constitutional items regardless of dollar amount.

Any Printing job over the $100,000.00 delegation limit must be bid by OSP.  Submit these bid requests to our Procurement staff for submission to OSP.

Please Contact our Procurement staff for information pertaining to the following special consideration items:

  • Automobiles/Trucks
  • Professional and Consulting Services
  • Technical Services
  • Construction and Capital Improvements
  • W-2 Continuous Forms
  • Constitutional items (printing and stationery supplies)
  • Leases
  • Data Processing Equipment

Need help in finding out where to buy electronic items or in checking out specifications for such items and what is available? Try the following websites:

For the latest in digital video projectors: