What is a Contract?

A contract is any document that obligates UADA financially or legally. This could be an agreement, memorandum of agreement, memorandum of understanding, terms and conditions, etc. For this document, all of these are referred to as contracts.

What are Examples of Contracts?

Renting a popcorn popper, replacing a roof on a building, a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) for a speaker for a meeting, renting a water park for a 4-H event, meeting space rental, pest control agreements, lodging agreement with a hotel for a meeting, etc.

How Do Know if I Need to Send it to Contracts?

The quickest way is to look for a required signature by the Division (UADA). If in doubt, contact us.

Who Can Sign a Contract?

Designated signatories are:

  • Matt Brown, Associate Vice President for Finance and Administration and Chief Financial Officer
  • Jean-François Meullenet, Senior Associate Vice President for Agriculture-Research
  • John D. Anderson, Senior Associate Vice President for Agriculture-Extension
  • Jeffie Thomas, Assistant VP for Finance & Administration


Download UADA Contract Checklist

Contracts/agreements/MOA's should be submitted one month or earlier before the effective dates. This allows time for processing and legal review, if needed.

MOA's written by departments will need to be sent to Mark Kiefer, Procurement Manager. Mark will return the MOA to you for corrections, if needed. Once Mark approves the MOA, he will send it to the contract office.

Reference: Memorandum of Agreement Instructions and Template

Review Contract

Read the contract carefully. Check the following:

_____   The Supplier’s name on the contract matches either the supplier information in Workday or the W-9. If not, request a corrected contract.

_____   Contract has UADA’s organization/business name: Board of Trustees of the University of Arkansas acting for and on behalf of the University of Arkansas System, Division of Agriculture

_____   Contract has the department/unit/county’s contact person and their information, if applicable.


Review Supplier

Purchasing Card (P Card)

_____   Look for terms and conditions, an agreement or any other documentation related to the purchase or use of the item.

_____   Obtain those documents and send to

_____   State in the email message that a P Card will be used for the purchase.


_____   You must provide a Workday Supplier ID or a current W-9 when you submit your contract.

_____   In Workday, use Find Suppliers to locate the supplier.

_____   If you locate the Supplier ID, provide the information when you submit the contract. Some suppliers may have an alternate name entered in Workday.

_____   If you do not locate the supplier in Workday, ask the supplier for a current W-9. Send it with the contract when requesting review.

_____   If you do not locate the supplier in Workday, begin the process for Supplier Setup in PaymentWorks. You can work on this while the contract is being reviewed. To refresh your knowledge, search Workday Learning for: "PaymentWorks for Initiators."

_____   If you locate the Supplier ID, begin the requisition process. This will expedite the procurement process if the contract is approved.


Prepare for Submission

Make sure you have the following information before you submit:

_____   Contract

_____   Quote(s)

_____   Terms and conditions

_____   Other supporting documents

_____   UA Legal Review Form 3-15-2024 – completed and signed. Legal Office will not accept DocuSign.

_____   Workday Supplier ID or W-9

_____   Name of Supplier Contact Person (generally the person who can sign for the supplier)

_____   Email Address for Supplier Contact Person

_____   Phone Number for Supplier Contact Person

_____   Name of Authorized Signer (if different from Contact Person)

_____   Email Address of Authorized Signer (if different from Contact Person)

Submit the Contract (

Send an email with the appropriate items attached from the “Prepare for Submission” section to Jan Sampson, Amy Hedges and Matt Brown have access to this mailbox.

Next Steps – Contracts Office

  • If your contract requires legal review, the Contracts Office will forward it to legal counsel.
  • The Contract Office will send it to the appropriate persons for signature, usually via DocuSign.
  • Once your contract has been signed, all parties involved will receive a signed copy via DocuSign, including the person submitting the contract and

Next Steps – Department

  • Continue working on the supplier setup if needed.
  • Work on requisition if it has not been started.

Who to Contact?

Revised: March 15, 2024