Time Off and Leave

The Division of Agriculture offers its employees a variety of time off and leave options.  See below for detailed information on each absence type and links to applicable policies, regulations, and reference guides.  Contact the Human Resources or Payroll office if you have specific questions about leave by emailing humanresources@uada.edu or payroll@uada.edu  

Annual Leave

All Division employees appointed half-time (50%) or more will earn Annual Leave.  Annual Leave must be requested by the employee and approved by a manager in Workday before it is taken. Refer to the QRG Managing My Time Off and LOA for instructions on how to request Annual Leave in Workday. For accrual rates and usage, visit the UA System Benefits page on Annual leave or Board Policies 420.1  (Academic/Non-Classified) and 420.2  (Classified).

Sick Leave 

All Division employees appointed half-time (50%) or more will earn Sick Leave.  Sick Leave must be requested by the employee and approved by a manager in Workday. Refer to the QRG Managing My Time Off and LOA for detailed instructions on how to request Sick Leave in Workday. For accrual rates and usage, visit the UA System Benefits page on Sick leave or Board Policy 420.3 In compliance with Arkansas Code 21-4-501, classified employees who retire from the Division are eligible for payment of a portion of accrued sick leave in the employee’s final pay. 

Family & Medical Leave (FMLA) 

The Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 is a federal law intended to promote a healthy balance between work and family responsibilities. It requires employers to provide up to 12 weeks per year of unpaid, job-protected leave to eligible employees for certain family and medical reasons. For more details on FMLA, visit the Division HR FMLA page. 

Catastrophic Leave 

The Catastrophic Leave Bank Program assists eligible Division employees after they have exhausted their earned sick leave, annual leave, holidays, and compensatory time, to manage medical emergencies, injuries and illnesses incurred by them or eligible family members. For more details on the Catastrophic Leave Bank Program or Catastrophic Leave for parental purposes, visit the Division HR Catastrophic Leave Bank Program page. 

Maternity Leave 

Maternity leave is to be treated as any other leave for sickness or disability. However, you may elect to take leave of absence without pay without exhausting accumulated annual and sick leave. If you plan to be out more than five (5) consecutive days for maternity leave, you must furnish the Human Resources Office with a Certification from your Attending Physician. This maternity leave should not extend past three months following delivery and you should give your supervisor at least a two week notice of your planned return to work date.  In the event you are eligible for leave under the Family Medical Leave Act, this maternity leave will be counted as FMLA. leave. For more details on FMLA, visit the Division HR FMLA page and for more details on Catastrophic Leave for parental purposes, visit the Division HR Catastrophic Leave Bank Program page.  

Application for Maternity Leave

Maternity Leave Calendar

Military Leave 

Division employees who are members of the National Guard or any of the reserve branches of the Armed Forces of the US shall be granted leave at the rate of 15 working days per calendar year plus necessary travel time for annual training requirements. Such leave shall be granted without loss of pay and in addition to annual leave. For more details, visit Board Policy 420.4 Military Leave or Division Policy PMGS 20-06 

Educational Leave 

If an educational program requires a Division employee to be absent from their work site for an extended period of time in order to attend a class or internship required for degree completion, eligible employees may request permission to use annual leave, leave without pay, and an approved revised work schedule through the Division Extended Leave for Study policy.  For more details on this policy, visit PMGS 21-05.

Division employees may also request Release Time in order to attend classes during official work hours.  Release Time does not require the use of leave and is not entered into Workday.  Release time is not a right but a privilege that is granted at the supervisor’s discretion. Many factors, including but not limited to, the employee’s performance, direct applications of the course work to the employee’s position, overall benefit of the course work to the employee and the Division, and maintenance of office hours and functions to the students, faculty, staff, and general public are considered prior to the granting of Release Time.

All requests for release time must be approved in advance by the supervisor and there is no form to complete. Courses taken during working hours are limited to one (1) course per semester (Fall, Spring, or Summer) not to exceed five (5) credit hours per semester. For more details on Release Time and the tuition waiver available to employees, visit the Division Tuition Waiver/Discount Policy PMGS 17-1.  

Court and Jury Leave 

Division employees serving as a juror or witness may be entitled to full compensation during their absence in addition to any fees paid by the court for such services. For more details on Court and Jury Leave, visit Board Policy 420.5 Court and Jury Leave or Division Policy PMGS 20-07. 

Leave Without Pay (Unpaid Time Off) 

Division employees may be granted leave without pay in accordance with University of Arkansas Board of Trustees Policy 420.6.  Leave without pay will only be granted if it is in the best interest of the organization and if the Division is able to accommodate such leave without an undue hardship.

To request leave without pay, the employee should complete the Application for Leave of Absence Without Pay request form and submit to their Manager.  If the Manager approves, they will submit the request to the Department Head.  Human Resources will review the request and submit to the Chief of Staff for the Vice President for Agriculture for electronic routing of the remainder of the approvals.  A copy of a signed approval will be sent to yourbenefits@uada.edu and all approvers including the employee, if approved.  If the request is denied, the employee will receive notification. 

For more details, visit the Division Leave Without Pay policy PMGS 21-01.  

Children’s Educational Activity Leave (CEAL) 

In accordance with state law, all full-time, benefits-eligible Division employees will receive eight (8) hours of Children’s Educational Activity Leave during a calendar year, regardless of the number of children, for attending or assisting with the educational activities of a child in pre K-12th grade. For more details on CEAL leave, visit the Division Children’s Education Activity Leave policy PMGS 20-09  

Leave for Organ or Bone Marrow Donation 

Division employees who serve as a human organ donor may take up to 30 days additional leave with pay at the time of the donation. If serving as a bone marrow donor, employees may take up to seven days additional leave with pay at the time of the donation. This leave will not affect your leave accrual or time credited toward career service. For more details on leave for organ or bone marrow donation, refer to Arkansas Act 546 of 2003 and contact Human Resources.

Disaster Service Volunteer Leave 

If you are trained and certified as a disaster service volunteer by the American Red Cross and your specialized disaster relief services are requested by the Red Cross in connection with a disaster, you may receive up to 15 working days in any calendar year to participate in specialized disaster relief, without loss of pay or benefits. Leave will be granted only for disasters occurring in Arkansas or contiguous states. You must request disaster service volunteer leave in writing, to the appropriate Sr. Associate Vice President, and attach a copy of your Red Cross orders to the request. For more information on Disaster Service Volunteer Leave, refer to Arkansas Code Ann. §12-85-102, 12-85-103a and contact Human Resources.

Emergency Paid Leave 

Employees who have suffered substantial damage to their principal place of residence may send a letter requesting emergency paid leave to the appropriate Sr. Associate Vice President. Examples of qualifying situations would be meeting with an insurance agent, meeting with a roofing company representative, or clearing debris that prohibits the employee from leaving their residence. General cleanup of debris on the property does not qualify.  For more information, visit the Division Emergency Paid Leave policy PMGS 20-08. 

Voting During Working Hours

At the Division of Agriculture, we foster an environment that encourages employees to exercise their right to vote. In most communities, polls remain open long enough to allow employees time to vote before or after working hours. In cases of extreme hardship, such as having to travel a great distance to the polling place, an employee may be permitted to report to work late or to leave early to vote. The time permitted for this purpose is given to an employee with pay and without reduction of sick leave, annual leave, or any other benefit. If it is necessary for you to use this privilege, please notify your immediate supervisor beforehand.     

COVID-19 Leave

The University will extend the opportunity for up to 80 total combined hours of paid leave for employees affected by COVID-19.   The leave program is not a continuation of the FFCRA leave.

For such paid leave to be granted, the following requirements must be met:

  • The employee must be unable to work from home due to illness or have a job in which working from home is not possible.
  • The employee must not have previously used 80 hours of COVID-19 leave as was provided by the federal Family First Coronavirus Relief Act (FFCRA). 
  • Due to Coronavirus the employee is subject to a federal, state, or local quarantine order.
  • The employee has been directed by the Department of Health or other health authority to quarantine due to Coronavirus.
  • Due to Coronavirus the employee is subject to extended campus return-to-work guidelines (up to14 days rather than the seven and ten day options provided by the AR Department of Health).
  • The employee is experiencing Coronavirus symptoms and is seeking a medical diagnosis.
  • The employee must provide care for their dependent child whose school or daycare is closed due to COVID-19.
  • The employee must provide (within a reasonable time established by the campus) appropriate physician, school, Department of Health or equivalent documentation supporting the leave utilization.  
  • Employees who used a portion of the available FFCRA 80 hours in 2020 may use the remainder as COVID-19 leave in 2021 but in no case may use a combined total of more than 80 hours.
  • Including leave previously used under FFCRA, COVID-19 leave is limited to no more than total of 80 hours for any combination of quarantine, illness or child care leave eligibility.
  • The 80-hour maximum will be prorated for less than full-time employees.
  • Employees using COVID-19 leave will be eligible to receive full pay but not to exceed $511 per day or approximately $133,000 annualized.
  • Whenever possible, work from home rather than paid or unpaid leave should be used.
  • Failure to provide appropriate documentation for COVID leave will result in recharacterization of the leave taken as sick, vacation or leave-without-pay within the established leave use guidelines. (Sick leave may not be used for child care purposes due to school closure.)
  • Qualified leave may be applied retroactively to August 1, 2021.   

COVID-19 leave guidelines will be modified, suspended or ended as necessary to meet changing needs and regulations of the current environment. For more information on COVID-19, email covid@uada.edu or to request COVID Leave use the COVID-19 Leave Request Form